Does this sound like you?

  • leaking urine with laugh, cough, sneezing, or exercise?

  • experience pain with sex or tampons?

  • not sure what exercises are safe to do after baby?

  • avoiding things you love to do for fear of leaking or pain?

  • feeling isolated or like you are the only one that is having a hard time recovering after baby?

  • not sure where to start with recovery in a new, unfamiliar body?


The DT Method is THE NEW STANDARD for birth preparation and postpartum recovery. 

No longer will you feel alone, dismissed, or cast to the side. The DT Method is a simple, online program designed to fit your lifestyle and works around the demands of motherhood. 

It's time to SAY NO to the outdated and dismissive response of "you just had a baby, what do you expect?". 

Birth and pregnancy is an athletic, demanding event and takes a toll on your body. 

The DT Method is for moms who are ready to change the way they recover. 

This is about YOU, your life, your body, and your future health and well-being.

 It starts NOW.
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You are Worth It!

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Have you heard this before?

Not only is this WRONG, but it also dismisses women, contributes to isolation, and doesn't promote healing. We deserve better, and we deserve to be provided a comprehensive recovery plan...that actually works.

  • You had a baby. What do you expect?

  • It's normal to leak urine when you run or sneeze. Wear a pad.

  • ​Pain with sex is normal, drink wine, you'll be fine

  • ​It's normal to have pain, leak urine, and feel like your insides are falling out

  • ​Go back to everything you were doing pre-baby. You're "healed".

  • ​Why work on it? It's only going to get worse after the next baby.

  • ​You could have surgery when you're older.

Helping Thousands of Mamas


Accessible, Quick, Easy, 24/7

Busy moms don't have time for out-dated exercise programs that take hours to complete. Right? 

  • You have the kids schedules to shuffle
  • Work meetings to plan
  • Worlds to run

Access The DT Method on your mobile device while you are 

  • Nursing or feeding
  • Folding laundry
  • Out for a walk
  • Doing a grocery or Target run

The DT Method fits into your busy life and takes away the hassle of rearranging schedules, visiting expensive clinics, and missing important work meetings. 


Meet Dr. Marcy, PT, DPT, WCS



Dr. Marcy Crouch

Marcy received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and then completed a Women’s Health Residency program in Dallas, TX and obtained her WCS, which identifies her as Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy. She has taught pregnancy and sexual health courses in her community, as well as continuing education courses for PT's both nationally and internationally, and has taught at the University level. She has owned a successful clinic, built a following on social media as @thedowntheredoc, spoken at national events, contributed to popular blogs and magazines, and is having candid and powerful conversations about women's health and how we NEED to do better. She is the mother to 2 amazing boys, and has first hand experience of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She'll help guide your program with professional and personal experience and knows the demands of motherhood.

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Experience the Highest Standard for PostPartum Recovery

In addition to the 5 module program (valued at $1500), you will also receive these bonuses:

  • Lifetime Membership (VALUE $1500)

    Post-partum is forever, and you need forever support. Babies grow, physical demands change, and priorities evolve. Make sure you NEVER have to wonder what you need to be doing to have a strong, functional, pelvic floor and core. Your access never expires to the program, all content, all revisions, updates, additions, AND downloads.

  • Exclusive Entry in The DT Method Mama Club (VALUE $500)

    Find your people in our private, members-only commuity for support, connection, story sharing, camaraderie, and acceptance. We lift each other up as we navigate the waters of Motherhood.

  • Ask the Expert (VALUE $800)

    You get Dr. Marcy and her expert staff at your disposal to ask questions and have personal guidance through the program. Get one-on-one help and advice as you go through Foundations: Build a Better Core, without the hassle of leaving your house, managing schedules, skipping nap times, finding a pelvic PT in your area (we are hard to come by!), and paying for costly visits on top of childac

PLUS these 3 Free Exclusive Extras

Included when you sign up TODAY

  • Mental Health for Moms (valued at $197)

    Transform your post-partum recovery with these easy mental health tips from an expert in the field of Mama Wellness. Increase your joy, decrease shame and guilt, and discover how mental health is linked with physical health after having a baby.

  • Return to Running Checklist & Training (valued at $250)

    Just because you are cleared to run at 6 weeks post-partum doesn't mean you should. Understand the important exercises and movements you NEED to have in place before hitting the pavement. This will help you to stay dry & strong and prevent future pelvic floor problems, as you crush your running goals. Learn it once, use it forever.

  • Baby Carrier Fitting (valued at $197)

    Stay strong and healthy as your baby grows, and decrease back pain, hours of soreness, and increase bonding time with your babe by having a successfully fit baby carrier. Momming is hard work...let's make it easier on you.

Total Value of Foundations: Build a Better Core is $4,500

Feel like the confident, powerful, empowered Mama you are and discover what it feels like to have the answers to the problems you are experiencing

What Mamas are Saying

The best thing about the teacher...


Love her personality and energy during the lectures. Did not get bored at all and felt she explained everything at a great level!

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for


I have already recommended it to multiple friends. I think pelvic floor knowledge and practice has been overlooked for years for pregnant women AND normal women everywhere. This was exactly the thing I was looking for and I really feel everyone should get a chance to learn about this

I never knew about this!


The knowledge! I was familiar with the work outs, but not in a way that related to pelvic floor PT. Sex talk was great! The basic 3 are great also. I never knew about the lower abdominals. Exercise trainers simply just say to engage core, and it's not that simple!

SO much better than my first recovery


I got cleared for normal activity week. Sex was not painful like it was after my first kid! I already feel stronger and more motivated at 6 weeks pp than I did with my first baby.

I haven't finished and I've already seen so much improvement


I’m not even finished with the course and there’s just so much I’ve learned that I never even knew about my own body before. I have a 3 year old and have struggled with things ever since I had her. Just thinking it was my new normal. Marcy gives me hope that after this pregnancy things can be different and I’m excited to keep getting better!

Confidence Building!

I had so many worries and just the peace of mind knowing the anatomy of what's happening is invaluable! After 8 years of marriage some of the things I was already doing instinctively but I had no idea if it was actually helpful long term. I find my self wondering if there is a good way to gift this course as a bridal shower gift because it would have been so nice to not have had to go through So much pain in the 8 years of trial and error. This course works! I just wish I had found it sooner definitely going to be passing this on to my daughters!

Program Details

Designed for the Modern Mom to be easy, successful, and quick. You don't have time for anything less.

  • 1

    Week 1: Laying the Groundwork

  • 2

    Week 2: Apply It!

    • Week 2: What to Expect

    • Lifting The Right Way

    • Transitions: The Ups and Downs

    • Movements as a Mom

    • Week 2: Review and Recap

    • BONUS video: Mental Health for Moms and The eMBRACe Model

  • 3

    Week 3: Return to Sex

    • WHY is Sex Painful After Birth?

    • Lube it Up

    • Stretches for Pelvic Floor Relaxation

    • Positions to Start With & After Care

    • Vaginal Dilators

    • Week 3: Recap and Review

    • BONUS video: Scars

  • 4

    Week 4: Challenge It

    • Week 4: What to Expect

    • Progressions: Making it HARDER

    • It's WERK

    • Vagina Strong

    • Week 4: Recap and Review

    • BONUS video: These are a Few of my Favorite Things

  • 5

    Week 5: Keep it Up

    • Week 5: What to Expect

    • Challenge It: Round 2

    • We Be Plankin'

    • Get After It

    • Week 5: Recap and Review

    • Closing Symptom Survey: Where are you now?

    • BONUS vid: Return to Running Checklist

  • 6


    • Bloopers

  • 7

    Before you go...

    • We'd love to know what you thought! Please help us make The DT Method AMAZING for Mamas everywhere.

  • 8

    Archived QA Sessions

    • 5.22.21

    • QA 6.10.21


  • "I'm pregnant! Should I sign up for Foundations?

    Yes! You can participate in most of Foundations, and there are pregnancy modifications included for all the exercises. You can have it ready for after baby, and start working on your core now. Foundations is designed for mamas who are past the 6 week postpartum mark and who have been cleared for sex and exercise, but there are a lot of things that we can do now to get a head start! AND if you are pregnant- check out Prep & Prevent, the other DT Method Course designed to prepare you for delivery

  • "How long do I get access to the course?"

    For life! This content is "evergreen" which means you will always have access to each course you enroll in. When I update the materials, you will have access the updates as well, so we are all up to date on the most modern techniques. And the BEST part is that you and start and stop and do this on your OWN TIME. There's zero rush or pressure to finish within a certain timeframe. You can revisit this whenever you need, it's always there for you. So awesome right?

  • "I've done PT before...should I still do this course?"

    Yes ma'am! Foundations is designed to be used at any time during your postpartum journey, even if you have done PT before, haven't done PT before, have had 10 babies or 1. It will teach you how to set the proper Foundation and lay the correct groundwork to make sure you are moving forward THE RIGHT WAY. Let's support you through the ENTIRE postpartum journey, you're worth it.

I'm Fighting for You

"I'm leading a movement and mission to support and value women like they deserve to be supported. It is unacceptable that women are given almost no resources to help them recover after having a baby. One postpartum visit at 6 weeks is not enough. Peeing, pooping, returning to sex, and regaining core strength are ALL important and need to be addressed. I will not rest until women are given the care and the support they need to rehab their bodies and vaginas after having a baby. "