A Birth Prep Course that has YOUR NEEDS (and your vagina) in mind.

Birth can be scary. It's new, it's the unknown, and I'm sure you're wondering, and maybe even panicking a little, how the HELL a baby is going to come out of your vagina. Take a breath. I will guide you through this, and you will feel confident, fearless, and empowered going into your birth.
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What's missing from regular birth courses

Meet Dr. Marcy, PT, DPT, WCS



Marcy Crouch

Marcy received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2010. She then completed a Women’s Health Residency program in Dallas, TX and obtained her WCS, which identifies her as Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy. She has taught pregnancy and sexual health courses in her community, as well as continuing education courses for PT's both nationally and internationally, and has taught at the University level. Marcy has worked in private practice and hospital outpatient clinics in Texas, California, and Oregon, and now lives in AL. She has owned a successful clinic, built a following on social media as @thedowntheredoc, spoken at national events, contributed to popular blogs and magazines, and is having candid and powerful conversations about women's health and how we NEED to do better. She is the mother to 2 amazing boys, and has first hand experience of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She'll help guide your program with professional and personal experience and knows the demands of motherhood.

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Why every Mama-to-Be Needs Prep & Prevent

I will show you how to train for birth, how to prepare your body and vagina, what you should be doing RIGHT NOW to get ready, and what you need to be doing DAY 1 after baby is born. We will cover all the things they DON'T teach you in traditional childbirth courses (but should), and you'll get access to me right up to the Main Event, and after. You'll be in a group of exclusive and supportive mamas who are right there with you, and best have a support group already in place. We are in this together, and I will guide you every step of the way. You won't be in the group of people that say "I wish I had known"'ll be in the group of people that say "Hell yes, I felt prepared and ready". Let's do this thang, mama! #novaginaleftbehind

Here's What You Get:

(worth over $3,500)

When you join The DT Method's Virtual Birth Prep & Prevent course, you will be joining an exclusive group of inspiring and amazing women who are ready to rock their birth. 

You will get.....

A 100% online course. (value: $1500). There are 5, pre-recorded sessions. These are private, safe, and intimate sessions, where there is no such thing as "TMI".  Watch them when you want! I get how busy life can be. Each session includes PDF handouts, which will review what we discussed, have pointers and tips, resources for products, and what you should be doing at home. 

Plus these FREE bonuses: 

Bonus #1: (value $600):  2x/month Live QA sessions  

Join with me and your fellow mamas to ask questions, support one another, get more one-on-one guidance for any all your questions related to your birth, your vagina, and your recovery.

Bonus #2: (value: $350)
Special member pricing for Foundations: Build a Better Core. 

This is the Modern Mom's PostPartum Guide to a stronger core, better sex, and improved self confidence. This is a 5 week course that you will have life-time access to, and you will automatically be enrolled so when you are cleared for sex and exercise at Week 6, you will be ready with a plan and program.

Bonus #3: (value: $250)
Private FB group. 

This is ONLY for participants in class, and it is your safe space. As mothers, we need community. We need friendship, we need each other. And with COVID, we need it even more, and it's even harder to get to. This virtual support group will be here for you, and your questions and concerns and ideas will be valued there. It's another avenue to have access to me in between our sessions.

Bonus #4: (value: $250)
Special discounts on virtual sessions. 

If you want or need more one-on-one or private sessions, I am here for you. You will receive a 15% discount for any virtual session you book, just for being a member of the course.

Bonus #5: (value $200)

Bonus video from expert Midwife on hypno-birthing, breathing strategies, and gentle birthing. PLUS recipes and nutrition information from a Registered Dietician to support you during Labor/Birth & help you during recovery Exclusively for DT Method Mamas!

 Total Value: $3,700+.

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Prepare for Birth and Recovery & be empowered, confident, and fearless

Prep & Prevent


  • 1


    • Welcome and What to Expect!

  • 2

    Session 1: Anatomy and Function of the Pelvic Floor

    • Pelvic Floor 101

  • 3

    Session 2: Preparing the Pelvic Floor

    • The 3 Ps: Perineal Massage, Pushing, and Prep

  • 4

    Session 3: Ask the Midwife

    • Dilation, Stages of Labor, Medication, Cesarean Birth, VBAC, and MORE

  • 5

    Session 4: Labor and Birth Tips

    • Labor tips, questions to ask your providers, progressions of perineal prep, partner education and pain relief strategies, birth and labor movement and positions

  • 6

    Session 5: Successful Early Recovery

    • Start out Strong from Day 1: Early Recovery Tips for a Better Postpartum Start

  • 7

    BONUS Video: Hypnobirthing

    • Remaining Calm and Focused

All the tools & resources you need to have an empowered, confident, & fearless birth & recovery.

  • be confident entering into birth

  • decrease fear surrounding labor and delivery (either vaginal or belly)

  • be empowered and armed with knowledge

  • appreciate and respect your body and it's capabilities

  • know what to expect, whatever journey your birth takes

Hear from other mamas just like you

Why didn't they tell me about this?


"I experienced a birth injury in July of 2019. Then, a few weeks postpartum I began experiencing symptoms of prolapse...heaviness in my vagina, feeling a bulge at my vaginal opening while showering, as well as having a couple fecal incontinence accidents. I felt as if my body was broken. I was cycling between emotions of deep sadness, anger, and shame. Why had no one told me about prolapse? Why, out of all the postpartum material I read, was this topic not addressed in detail? Why did my midwife not mention the statistics of this or what I could do to prevent it during our monthly visits? Thankfully, I found Marcy through her Instagram account and I felt a glimmer of hope. Even just two sessions with her made a world of difference. She gave me specific actions and exercises I could do to improve my symptoms, but most importantly she listened to my story. I felt heard and understood. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and didn't feel so alone. No matter what stage of life you are in, if you are experiencing symptoms that feel like a hindrance to enjoying your life, you owe it to yourself to work with Marcy. If you don't have any symptoms but are pregnant/plan to be pregnant, please gift yourself the opportunity to work with Marcy. This is probably one of the best forms of self care you can give yourself as a mama-to-be. We spend so much time preparing everything for our little bundle of joy, but we can't forget to take some time for ourselves."

It was all the information I didn’t have the first time that would have saved me a lot of pain and pelvic floor issues the first time


"I met Marcy 32 weeks into my second pregnancy. I developed pelvic floor issues after my first pregnancy and had been to 4 different pelvic floor PT’s before meeting Marcy. She was a life saver. In the 8 short weeks before the birth of number 2 we worked on pelvic floor and abdominal engagement. We went through different pushing positions and strategies best for my pelvic floor. We also did lots of perineal massage. It was all the information I didn’t have the first time that would have saved me a lot of pain and pelvic floor issues the first time (in my opinion). I went into my second labor and birth so confident that everything was going to be ok and it was! The birth was fast and smooth and the recovery was so different from my first birth. Marcy has a wealth of knowledge and I felt so supported and informed working with her"

I felt more prepared for birth with her help


"Marcy taught me how to relax my pelvic floor, and the stretches to support that during pregnancy. I also saw her after birth both times to evaluate my pelvic floor and help me strengthen without doing harm. She taught me how to reduce the scarring of my c section and strengthen my abs without putting pressure on my pelvic floor. She is so knowledgeable, but also sincere in her delivery. She absolutely wants and can help. I felt more prepared for birth with her help, and the second time reassured that I would have her as an ally"

With less fear and a better understanding of my body, my second delivery went smoothly and my recovery was much faster.


"Marcy helped my prepare for my second delivery, after a birth injury and a long recovery following my first. She helped me prepare physically and mentally. She helped me understand what pushing actually was, and this removed a lot of fear and anxiety leading up to the birth of my second baby. With less fear and a better understanding of my body, my second delivery went smoothly and my recovery was much faster. I’m so glad I prepared for my second delivery with Marcy!"

A Sample of What You Will Learn

(that they don't teach in traditional childbirth courses)

  • how to decrease risk of vaginal tearing/trauma
  • proper pushing techniques
  • updated breathing strategies
  • pelvic floor anatomy
  • what to expect with c-sections 
  • when to ask for help
  • partner pain-relief training
  • what questions you should be asking your provider about your birth and vagina
  •  how to successfully manage the first post-partum poop
  • what you need to be doing day 1 after baby
  • labor and birth positions that are the best for the pelvic floor
  • what to pack in your "vag bag" 
  • the best products and garments on the market
  • Prevent Trauma

    Learn how to prevent trauma and apply this to TRAIN for birth

  • Maximize Knowledge

    Learn what they DON'T teach in traditional birthing classes, but SHOULD

  • Reduce Fear

    Be present, joyful, and love your experience, no matter what happens

  • Be Confident

    You got this, mama, you're strong as hell

  • Find Your Community

    Join other Mamas just like you, make friends, share stories, support each other, learn from each other, and feel welcomed and safe

It's time, Mama

Don't be in the group of women who ask "why didn't they tell me, I wish I had known". Be in the group of Mamas who are ready to face anything with knowledge, confidence, and with a sense of purposeful calm.


  • When can I start watching?

    Right now! No time like the present

  • When during my pregnancy should I start?

    Anytime! You'll have access to the recorded sessions, our post-partum consult, and all the downloads! The sooner the better in my opinion.

  • Can my partner attend the sessions also?

    Of course! Watch alone, with your partner, and again and again. This is for YOU and you do whatever you'd like to get the most out of the courses. Partners need this info also!

  • This isn't my first birth, should I still enroll?

    ABSOLUTELY! A lot of mamas have an easier and better experience the second or even third/fourth time around, after they learn what is in the course. Totally appropriate!

  • What if I have a Cesarean birth?

    Awesome! We are so lucky to live in a world where we have these options to keep us and the baby safe. Birth can be unpredictable and things happen that we can't plan or prepare for. But no worries, you have your team in place, and we cover c-section birth and recovery in the course. You'll be armed with resources.

  • What if I am considered high-risk?

    Clear this with your medical provider, but if you are on pelvic rest, or considered high risk we need to keep you and the baby safe. You can 100% still enroll and benefit from the course, you'll just avoid a few of homework assignments. But yes, you should know what's coming!

Having a baby is a momentous, transformative, crazy, emotional, intense, miraculous event.

Make sure you look back on this experience with content, joy, confidence, awe of what you were able to accomplish, and love for you and your body...and that little bundle of joy. Prepare for birth the right way, have a set support group in place, don't be afraid, feel confident, be empowered, set yourself up for recovery the right way, and rock your birth!